The platform of Expo Pavilion Group itself forms a coherent team of World Expo specialists and partners, whose combined offices and resources create Global coverage. We literally have a local presence in most relevant regions. The core consultants and creatives are in however in Amsterdam and London, but above all we are a network of collaboration that is ever growing. Growing in numbers, growing in expertise and growing in insight.

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People in our team and partnerships range through Consultants, Strategists, Scenographers, Storytellers, Conceptualists, Architects, Visualisation geeks, CAD Draftsmen, Exhibition designers, Communication designers, Storyboard artists, Interactive media hard andsoftware specialists, Film directors, Film producers, Camera, Copy writers, Content Researchers, Exhibition Content developers, Translators, Quantity surveyors, Project managers, Production leaders, Event managers, Artists, Hospitality, Retail & Commercialization, Food & Beverage, Protocol and Expo Organisation Liasions .Still for each project we still always look forward and onward;

Do we have all the skills present? Do we know enough?

Can we work with local knowledge, expertise and insight for a project. This is especially relevant for National participations at World Expo; to combine World Class experience and excellence in Expo, with the essential local strengths, insights and people in one strong project team.